Greer Interior Design

A boutique design practice based in Austin, Texas, GREER is an interior design studio focused on creating timeless residences. GREER’s signature is an architectural and holistic approach to design, where every detail is meticulously executed, the result being stunning rooms and spaces. Their residential work represents a range of client aesthetics and tastes; what they all share is a timeless and classic simplicity.

Jennifer Greer Hartmann Photo

Jennifer Greer Hartmann

Owner & Principal Designer

Since opening Greer Interior Design, Jennifer Greer Hartmann has collaborated closely with her clients to achieve a unique balance of classically modern interiors. Versatile with many different styles and aspects of both classic and modern design, she strongly believes that interiors should reflect the surrounding architecture and more importantly, the people living in them.

Jennifer has been a designer for over fifteen years and obtained her degree in Interior Design at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she was influenced by the culturally rich environment of urban living. She focused on learning much about architecture, the arts, and antiques before moving to Chicago to work with the highly respected design team of Gary Lee Partners, where she served as an associate senior designer and project manager in their Residential Studio.

GREER has been commissioned to design many different types of residences: from more formal condominiums, to classic Austin houses and casual lakefront homes. Frequently working with their clients on multiple residences, they enjoy partnering and collaborating with other design professionals and disciplines to meet the needs of various projects. GREER is known for their comprehensive and holistic approach to design, but they also believe that adherence to budget and schedule are as valued as design in measuring a project’s success.

Lindsay Granfield Maki Photo

Lindsay Granfield Maki

Architectural Consultant & Designer

Lindsay Granfield Maki believes that designing someone’s home is a unique and personal process. She is known for both the quality of her work and the very highest standards of professional integrity and service. She and Jennifer have collaborated professionally for over twelve years.

Lindsay’s work is best characterized by the nature of her process rather than a particular architectural style. While her client’s needs and preferences frame the entire project, the project is approached with her philosophy that the best architecture is designed from with-in, resulting in an aesthetic that is warm, intimate, classically proportioned, well- detailed and with a materiality that is inspired by each project’s unique nature, site, and context.

Lindsay has been practicing Architecture and Interiors for over fifteen years and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Architecture from Tulane University in New Orleans. Upon moving to Chicago, Lindsay joined the award-winning firms of Searl and Associates and Gary Lee Partners. As an Associate and director, she led the design and execution of both residential and boutique corporate projects. Lindsay’s on-going relationship and commission’s with the Austonian’s development team are a good testament to her service and design, as well as her range of experience in both commercial and residential work.

Lindsay is very passionate and proud of her philanthropic work. While in Chicago, she founded the not-for profit, Civic Blueprint. In addition to her private commissions, she is currently the acting director of Designs for Dignity in San Francisco.



Associate Designer, Project Manager

Jaime Reynolds passion for design stems from her love of beautiful architecture and interiors. Jaime believes attention to detail and the functionality of one’s surroundings is key when designing the perfect space. She very much enjoys working closely with clients and providing them with highest quality of customer service.

Jaime received her Bachelor’s Degree of Interior Design from Texas State University in San Marcos. Upon receiving her degree, she worked on both commercial and residential projects for private clients, ranging from designing the interior of a large commercial office to remodeling the interior of a small historic Texas home. Jaime joined the GREER team in 2012.